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... better living through power exchange

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Terra Bloom was certified as a Sex Positive Professional by the Center for Positive Sexuality in June 2021

about this site

The BDSM advocate is the internet resource I wish I had access to when my husband and I first began our surprising BDSM journey in 2015. While one can find plenty of BDSM erotica and porn to fuel one’s imagination, and all kinds of how-to instruction, plus numerous blogs that describe people’s personal experiences, we didn’t find a lot of easy-to-access information on why we felt so drawn to power exchange. Or, why it was so effective at improving notjust our sex life but the whole of our relationship. Or, why it seemed to enrich many other aspects of our lives, and overall led us to become happier human beings.

Indeed, our practice of sexual Dominance & Submission proved to be so transformational that I have done a furious amount researching and thinking and writing on the subject, determined to understand its impact on us. The information I’ve discovered has proven so enlightening and helpful to me that I am now sharing it with others through this site. I have also published a memoir of our personal journey.

Yes, BDSM is about hot sex, but it is also about so much more than that. This site explores many facets of BDSM while thoroughly explaining how and why individuals and couples might benefit from the practice of sexual power exchange.

While one can find plenty of BDSM images in our culture, many of our collective assumptions about BDSM are wrong. For example, it’s common to hear that BDSM practitioners are “sick,” (they’re not), or at the very least “not normal,” (they are, fantasies about BDSM more common than not). Because of persistent myths about power exchange in the bedroom, the benefits of the practice can be hidden. This site aims to demystify BDSM by providing objective information on the subject from academic research, studies and articles, as well as the subjective experiences and opinions of those who actually practice it.

about me

Terra Bloom, editor

A happy submissive to my Dominant husband for the last five years, I am also a former journalist turned screenwriter, with over 40 produced television movies to my credit. I have written about BDSM for several years through a personal blog, and a book available for download on Amazon. (And yes, Terra Bloom is a pseudonym).

Ever since I first started putting pen to paper professionally, I’ve yearned to help people through my writing. I’ve written a few books and movies on different subjects that I hope have helped make the world a better place in some small way. But never did I expect that my writing passions would evolve toward becoming an advocate of what some consider to be a sexual fetish as a practice to make one’s life better. But such has been the miracle of BDSM to me and my life. Perhaps it can be the same miracle to others.

My wonderful husband, Michael, is the graphic artist who designed this site and maintains it. We are in our 50s, the parents of four interesting adult children (and the thrilled grandparents of one!). We live in a small town near the ocean in California.

You may contact me at terratbloom@yahoo.com.

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