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  • National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
  • A coalition of almost 100 groups, clubs and businesses, including mental health practices and law firms.

  • National Leather Association International
  • A contemporary BDSM organization that focuses on educating and supporting alternative lifestyle relationships.

  • Center for Positive Sexuality
  • Addressing social issues through sex positive research and education. The center publishes a free academic journal which features many studies and academic articles on BDSM.

  • The Science of BDSM
  • A wide-ranging collection of studies, articles, essays and posts on the science behind BDSM.

  • BDSM Studies
  • This blog is a decade old, but features a fair number of overviews of different studies on BDSM.

  • Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality
  • While this journal has not been published since 2015, this page offers links to an extensive archive of many BDSM studies, essays and articles.

social sites

  • Fetlife
  • The world’s biggest social networking sites for kinksters, featuring their profiles, thoughts, photos and videos. Also pretty much the only place to find information on local BDSM communities.

  • Alt.com
  • A BDSM dating, Fetish and Kink site.

  • BDSM 101
  • Fetish
  • A dating site for BDSM people to find each other.


popular websites

  • Kink Lovers
  • Lots of helpful and thought provoking kink content.

  • Submissive Guide
  • One of the most extensive and informative guides to D/s online.

  • DomSubLiving
  • BDSM and Kink Tips. Offers a free beginner’s guide on pdf.

  • Kink Weekly
  • BDSM Photography, Information and Erotica. A lot of different voices featured.

  • Kinkly.com
  • Short, lively pieces on every kinky subject under the sun.

  • Bondage Gazette
  • A new blog created by the kinky porn site Wasteland.com.

  • BDSM Café
  • More geared toward fiction, erotica and movies, there is still a lot of great information on this site.

  • Slutty Girl Problems
  • This site is packed with content about healthy, raunchy sex in general, with plenty of tips and advice for the practice of BDSM.

  • Cara Sutra
  • A blog, product reviews, shopping, erotica — this site is a feast of everything sex, and a lot BDSM.

favorite blogs

  • The Spanking Blog
  • A lot of fun pictures (some historical), cartoons, art — all about spanking of all flavors.

  • Ayzad
  • This Italian blogger has an English translation and some pretty deep thoughts about BDSM, as well as an empowering manifesto, and a diverse list of books he recommends. His tagline is: The guide for explorers of unusual sex. Sold.

  • Coffee & Kink
  • Product reviews, erotic stories and many interesting thoughts.

  • Submissy
  • Deep thoughts and provocative photos from the point of view of a married submissive wife. She seems to touch on all the subjects that interest me.

  • Venus O’Hara — Orgasm Activist
  • A fun site about down and dirty sex, from a cheeky writer. Dozens of pieces on BDSM.

  • Master’s Pleasing Bitch
  • I like the matter-of-fact voice of this writer, her honesty about the ups and downs of submission.

  • ML Slave Puppet
  • From the first post I read, I resonated with the some of the deep thoughts of this Masochistic Lesbian Slave. With self-revelation and psychological insight, she cuts down to the core of D/s.

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