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... better living through power exchange

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Terra Bloom was certified as a Sex Positive Professional by the Center for Positive Sexuality in June 2021

This site is under construction and will officially "launch" in the Summer of 2021. If you are passionate about BDSM, we welcome your input! To contribute personal stories, guest posts, news items, reviews or offer feedback, contact the editor, Terra T. Bloom, at terratbloom@yahoo.com

why bdsm?

callout 1The practice of BDSM — which refers to the sexual categories of Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, and/or Sadism & Masochism — holds the power not only to transform one’s sexual life, but one’s relationship to oneself, significant others, and perhaps, one’s relationship to life itself.

The list of benefits of power exchange in the bedroom are numerous:

While it is certainly not for everyone, for many, exploring BDSM (click here for definition) can be a doorway to a dramatically happier life. And happier individuals create happier relationships, which creates happier communities, which creates a happier world. Everybody wins!

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why this site?

While one can find plenty of BDSM images in our culture, many of our collective assumptions about BDSM are wrong. For example, it’s common to hear that BDSM practitioners are “sick,” (they’re not), or at the very least “not normal,” (they are, fantasies about BDSM more common than not). Because of persistent myths about power exchange in the bedroom, the benefits of the practice can be hidden. This site aims to demystify BDSM by providing objective information on the subject from academic research, studies and articles, as well as the subjective experiences and opinions of those who actually practice it.

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